General AT Info

AT devices, information & resources, funding, product reviews, tips and tricks, etc.


offers information about different types of AT products in a variety of areas; resources about information centers, conferences, companies by state, international resources and links A to A; library with fact sheets, a searchable listing of AT literature

NCIP Library (National Center to Improve Practice in Special Education Through Technology, Media and Materials)

Lots of articles in the categories of instructional uses of video and captioning; multimedia; organizing tools; providing access to portable tools; technology in early childhood education; technology for students who are visually impaired; telecommunications; and word prediction

ATTO: Assistive Technology Training Online

Provides information on AT applications that help students with disabilities learn in elementary classrooms

Family Guide to Assistive Technology

National Assistive Technology Research Institute

Variety of information related to AT

Assistive Technology in Arizona

Lots of AT resources for a variety of disabilities

Wisconsin Assistive Technology Initiative

Lots of information on AT for a variety of needs

Assistive Technology Exchange in New England

Free “classified ad” type website to help people find, buy, sell or give away AT equipment