Assistive Technology Providers in MA

Assistive Technology Partners

Cambridge, MA                 617-686-2259

  • Clientele: people with physical, cognitive, speech/language, and visual disabilities of all ages.  Service individuals throughout metropolitan Boston area in homes, community, school and workplace.
  • Services:  ADA accessibility, Assisted Cognition, electronic aids to daily living, therapeutic software options, adaptive computer access, AAC, ergonomics, voice recognition


Carroll Center for the Blind

Newton, MA 617-969-6200          1-800-852-3131

  • Clientele: blind or visually impaired children, working age adults and seniors; teachers and rehabilitation professionals working with them
  • Services:  AT assessments; course instruction in basic computer skills with JAWS or Zoomtext, MS Office skills, Kurzweil; on-site training at home, office or classroom (w/in greater Boston area) in addition to training at the Center; online training

Center for Communication Enhancement

Children’s Hospital Boston

Augmentative Communication Program    Waltham, MA     781-216-2209

  • Clientele: autism, cerebral palsy, developmental delays, metabolic and genetic conditions, neuromuscular conditions, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, acquired language disorders, apraxia of speech, dysarthia, mitochondrial diseases
  • Services:
    • Evaluation: speech, language, positioning and gross/fine motor skills are assessed
    • Determination of Need: feature match a person’s strengths and needs to available or potentially available AAC solutions
    • Recommendations: typically include low-tech solutions which may be combined with speech generating device, computer software, and/or alternative keyboard or mouse
    • Equipment loan for functional trial (based on availability, patient and family agrees to participate in on-going therapy/monitoring during the trial)



Lawrence, MA 978-975-8587

  • Clientele:  individuals with disabilities
  • Services:  home and facility based assessments; adaptive access to computers and training as needed; AAC devices; adaptive work stations; environmental controls; customized adaptive equipment and devices; equipment installation and training


Collaborative Center for Assistive Technology and Training (CCATT Center)

Northampton, MA            413-586-4900

  • Clientele: students with disabilities ages PreK-22
  • Services:  AT evaluations; student opportunity to evaluate devices, software, and hardware; consultation to students/families; customized consultation to schools to implement programming to maximize participation and inclusion and assist students in meeting IEP curriculum and goals through use of technology; staff training in the areas of adaptive/assistive technology and AAC


Sue Drouin, M.S., CCC-SLP

Salem, NH           603-893-6018

  • Clientele: families, school districts
  • Services:  animal assisted therapy, intensive home based therapy (MA and NH),  AAC and AT evaluation, consultation with home and school team, identifying possible device trials, device programming

Department of Developmental Services Adaptive Technology Centers

Greater Boston (Waltham)                           781-894-3600 ext. 2517

Northeast Massachusetts (Hathorne)        978-774-5000 ext. 505

  • Clientele: adults 18 years of age and older with an intellectual disability and children under 18 with a developmental disability
  • Services: assessment and evaluation; demonstration, design, fabrication, modification, and repair of equipment and devices; equipment loan available


Dorothy Pace Assistive Technology Assessment Center

Cotting School

Lexington, MA    781-862-7323

  • Clientele: students at the school, students in the community, school systems
  • Services: assessment, implementation planning and support, AAC, AT access tools, curriculum assessment and modification, professional development


Easter Seals

Assistive Technology Program    1-800-244-2756

  • Clientele: users of all ages with all kinds of disabilities from all over Massachusetts
  • Services:  ATRC; transition assistance to community living environment; AAC assessment, consultation and direct intervention; adapted computer access services, assessment, consultation and training; workshops and continuing education; AT assistance for elders living alone to improve quality of life; Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADL); ergonomic consultations to maximize computer access in the classroom, home or work environment

Assistive Technology Regional Center (ATRC)

Boston, MA         617-226-2634

  • Clientele: children and adults with disabilities
  • Services: demonstration and loan of AT devices


Ed Tech Solutions, LLC

Reading, MA       781-942-1555

  • Clientele:  area school systems
  • Services:  AT consultations, assessment, training and implementation; augmentative communication; computer access;  vision technology


Greater Lawrence Educational Collaborative

Assistive Technology Team

Methuen, MA     978-685-3000, ext. 122

  • Clientele:
  • Services:
    • Evaluation of students with disabilities for technology supports in the areas of AAC, computer and environmental access, seating and positioning, and vision technology.
    • Training to teams of teachers, therapists, and parents/students
    • Consultation and support to the school teams

Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (MCDHH)

Dorchester, MA                617-740-1668

  • Clientele: people who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Services: technology demonstration


Mustard Seed Assistive Technology Consulting

Jennifer Wironen Corso, M.S., Ed. S.

Gardner, MA       978-828-8657

  • Clientele: students, school staff, families
  • Services: design or recommend AT tools, devices, systems, and training programs; AT evaluations; review of current practices and recommendations to ensure compliance with IDEA; attend IEP meetings; train individuals, staff and families in the use of AT tools; facilitate repairs as needed; development of Universal Design for Learning


New England Assistive Technology Marketplace (NEAT)

Hartford, CT                      860-286-3113

  • Clientele: people of all ages with all types of disabilities from all of New England
  • Services:  Equipment Restoration Center- gently used disability equipment is repaired, restored and sold to consumers at a savings of 50%-80% of original cost; AT Consultation and Evaluation services; training and professional development; demonstration center; Blindness Related Services and Supports- equipment and software, evaluation and training, job placement and computer training


Perkins Products Adaptive Technology Demonstration Center

Salisbury, MA                     978-462-3817

  • Clientele:  people of all ages who are blind, visually impaired or learning disabled
  • Services:  training, equipment demonstrations, technology assessments for education, high and low-tech evaluations for people with low vision and other disabilities


Regional Consultation Program of the Northeast

Professional Center for Child Development

Andover, MA      978-475-3806

  • Clientele: children birth to 5 years with multiple special health care issues
  • Services: AAC and AT evaluations; equipment loan; consultation to families and to children in preschool and public school early childhood programs